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Ofeks work
Woman with baby Lampshade from date strands wool basket made from the Washingtonia palm Wool basket made from the Washingtonia palm
Man and baby resting under an Acacia tree Basket from date strands Colorful wool basket made from the Washingtonia palm Colorful wool basket made from the Washingtonia palm
Ethiopian house house for a couple Lookout on the Simian mountain in North Ethiopia Family dwelling in North Ethiopia in the winter Family dwelling Wood house Village in North Ethiopia  Ethiopian boy with kid
Tukul in Samar
The building of the Tukul Tukul – northern view A view of the olive orchard from inside the Tuku Tukul – southern view
Tukul – northern view Building a wall of the Tukul Tukul – northern view Tukul – eastern view


Sigd 2017
Sigd 2016
Sigd 2014
The Tukul during the Sigd festival Singers on stage during the Sigd festival Young women eating Injera Setting out the Injera The band eats Injera Preparations for the holiday The girls are ready for the holiday Members of Yotvata's Telem program Braiding hair Preparing Injera Preparations for the holiday The Sigd Festival
Sigd 2013
Dancing A view from above Joyous dancing The singer plays on the Masenqo